Rent O Rent

Yes, I have an announcement to make.

I created a website called rentorent. I am expecting this site to be fully functional around first half of the 2007.

Well, What is this site for:

A comprehensive website for rental services, which will help landlords, tenants, paying guests, hostels, shared accommodation etc.

I want this portal to contain lot of seach capabilities and easy registration without heavy stuff.

I am in the analysis stage of this project.

Please share with me a word or two of you... what do you think can matter for this portal, what could make the content of this and what you ultimately expect from this.

Technical specs:

you can mail me at


adarsh said…
r u doing this for urself or for others???
adarsh said…
dude..any improvement in the project?
Hari Mallepally said…
sudharshan is not able to work on the project. it will go on once i come back to hyderabad probably around jan 20 or little later.

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