few things about me

1. some times i buy dates and eat them, And i am frequent to fruits and Juice.

2. still i buy dosa mix and eat dosa often

3. i stopped alcohol more than a year ago

4. I am driving bike better now.

5. I am striving my level best to make my family comfortable.at the same time i dont loose any of my freedom in my personal life.

6. My house construction in the village is about for completion(with the latest citi bank loan)

7. I am trying to update my technical skills to pursue my PhD in software security after few years.

8. I am learning tech stuff on a continuous basis.

9. Lost control in office in some occassions when other person is behaving weird or stupid and trying to put me down, and had bad feedback about my attitude. But now i am dealing the same things in better way. Its a good learning for me. I dont need to get upset when somebody else does. If i get angry i am ruining myself. If other person does, i dont need to do anything becuase he is harming himself.

10.Similar things in personal life, thought i wished my friends in some way, but it turned very much negative. I understand i dont have any right on any body's personal life, even it means ruining of their character. What i could do is that i dont encourage or participate in any activity which could hurt any of my friend potentially.

11. I am taking care of my health in better way, like following Dr Batra's treatment and keeping myself clean and healthy with good food. My hair needed attention becuase of the dandruff problem.


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