The Mumbai trip

Its first time for me to be in Mumbai. I am here in Mumbai for VISA stamping work. Mumbai looks great. I am really feeling home here. Traffic is better than Bangalore. Nice to see the sea side. today i have submitted my VISA application form etc at the Netherlands call center. Tomorrow i got to attend a personal interivew at the consulate.

Well, there are few good things about this trip.

1. I bought a book called "Who will cry when you die" a small but really great self help book. This really helps one to rediscover life. We all have great thoughts in mind, but only few of us go ahead and work towards it. But bought this book by looking at the title, just wondering "will some one cry really if i die?". One has to achieve something in life inorder to make sure, the world is going to miss you really, if you are missing from the world :-). Reading is a book is great. I was spending most of my time infront of the smart box (my desktop) or the idiotbox (TV). But reading does help. It makes you think.

2.Mumbai looks good, people are friendy.

3.Do not trust people (autowalla, taxi walla) just like that. I landedup paying lot more than what i needed to pay when i reached here last midnight. It is better to have some idea about the place you need to go. How far is it from your place (of stay) to the place of visit. People around you will help, if you ask them. But travelling in the midnight in the citymay not be a good experience (certain businesses happen over night)

Will be flying back to bangalore tomorrow evening.


Anonymous said…
dont worry man.. we will miss you when u die :P

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