Being assertive

it helps to be assertive. There is no place for you if you always look for someone to lead you. The confidence makes the diffrence most of the cases. It is not that we are not capable of doing things but it is that we think we are not capable of doing things so as we are!.

The current infy project is teaching me some lessons, i was thinking, i needed some one to mentor me through out the project, but it just made me spend my days and nights in office and doing nothing, expecting someone to help me. It didnt work out.

I could have been more assertive of what i am doing. it could have saved some of my time.

The people around me are having some thing special or the other which i can embibe from them. Life looks interesting But ofcourse very lonely most of the time. I wish i could go back to hyderabad soon, so that I can feel more comfort.

It is not good to say "you are bad" to someone, instead appreciate him/her and give suggestion (which might mean rework of entire work :-). This is something I was made to learn today. :-)


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