The gladiator

Today i happen to see Gladiator. Its one of the movies i like most. I like it because it is all about persuing one's goal against all odds. We all have something exceptional inbibed inside. Only thing is we got to look at it, and take care of our special attributes. There is nothing called "Perfect" thing is in this world. It is always about working towards perfection, that makes all our way of life.

Other thing i wanted to write about today was about the mind of female. I am damn sure will never be able to read the mind of a female human :-). Its really perflexing thought. It might be an educated one or not, kid or an adult, still its a confusing thing to understand.

At the outset they all fall for care and love, but then most often then want to be "Zahir" of the man. It is really difficult task, to say what makes a woman happy or angry. Some times i think, no woman life might be better :-).


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