Chiranjeevi, Hero or Villain

AP politics are getting spicier, with so many movie actors trying to test their luck into politics. Chiru started his own party after long long long long thought process and is still seem to be a fresher into politics. 

There is Balakrishna, making his thanksgiving to chandrababu naidu who helped him out of Bellam konda suresh shoot out case.(Still people say that Bellamkonda suresh is having a bullet in his body even now).

There is krishna and company, who are having some benefits related with their padmalaya studios, and hence will provide support to congress.

And we have other opposition parties like CPM,CPI who are not able to make up their minds that well. Though CPM looks decided,CPI (or should we say it is Narayana) still looking out for alternate options.

And as usual, you can never ever trust Mr. KCR, one of the shameless guys on earth. Add Devender goud, who felt he will never make it to No 1 in TDP so has his own party now. He want to try out his luck as well.  No problem, if he wins he will win, if he loses, he will lose few acres of land (He belongs to Ranga reddy district and is a landlord).

Coming back to chiranjeevi, he looks to be a real villain rather than a hero in AP political movie. Look at the strategy of YSR before last elections. He did all stupid things he can do to join all opposition parties together. He even did magic to get support from Naxalites.

Opposition is split into multiple parts and it obviously helps YSR. But  it might most probably push the state into hung assembly.

But if chiru is trying out his capacity by stating that he is the reall opposition and will go alone in elections etc and all these statements are just to increase his spread in the state and if he goes into an alliance with TDP, it makes lot lot lot difference to the state. And I am damn sure it will say THE END to YSR.

KCR will go with any one, all that he speaks is meaningless. so instead of listening to him and making out decisions, it is always better to see what is his action. He might even go with Congress if he feels congress is stronger than other parties.

My personal wish was, Chiru joining JP (lok satta party), they have good policies and I wish Lok satta winning some seats this time. If Chiru joined Lok satta, it could have been a big boost for cleaner politics.

Chiru might say many things, might do visits to many places (so as any other leader). But even if he wins CM post, will he ever be able to make any difference to the state? I am doubtful. We do not have the vacuum that was present at the time of NTR, making TDP. TDP came into picture when the market was kind of Black and White TV.  so TDP was like a color TV and got success.

But now the situation is different, we got lot more options, LCD,HDTV etc, so  success will be difficult for him.

If chiru wins the election and becomes CM, he will be Hero in politics, otherwise certainly he will be  a villain. Because he will not let TDP win as well. 

Well, I am not for any particular party, but just sharing some thoughts


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