Wednesday, December 31, 2014

An an year of busy life

The year 2014 has been really hectic. Moved back to Hyderabad from Gurgaon/New Delhi at the end of  2013 and though joined my current employer in 2013 December, we started working with new client actively since January.

A quick visit to US to client location and lot of work here(India) and there (US) kept me busy. We had production releases, bug fixes etc  that kept me busy with most of the time. Team size increased as per the scope of the work and additional responsibilities etc were good to me.

Personally, we came to terms that my father is no more and life is moving on (I still wonder how YS Family is visits to sympathize the families of people who died on similar timeline as YSR). It is wonderful to see kids growing. Abhi breaks most of the things very often and makes me angry, but still he is something that I like and I see great unconventional future for him. He doesn't look excited with regular life. Adith is a charm whereever he is. he settles down easily and impresses people.  Blessed to have to really different kids at home. They give me energy. I love playing with my kids.  When Adith says he is not happy after a visit to Zoo because I didnt show him a Dolphin, it surprises me with the clarity this kids have got. Abhi still asks so many questions (and irritates at times with repeat questions), I call him at times "Question Bank", he got so many questions for everything, he want to know what happens next in the movie we watch together. Many times I have no answers to his questions (and some times dominate him with no answers but with a shout).

My path to being an entrepreneur is kind of on hold, too busy with the current job, though got more ideas and doing little bit, there was nothing for exponential growth. Next one year, I need to work more aggressively and make decisive growth towards being an entrepreneur.

NGO activities, couldn't drive no major activities other than supporting few education cases, but would like to build (Key to Government) with list of roles, responsibilities, services, SLAs for each government office and employee and also with clear information on what an individual is supposed to behave (paying taxes etc).

Politically, now all parties are looking same to me, though individually CBN is my favourite leader but TDP is not.  Also didnt like KCR and CBN doing this loan waiver program in wrong way. Many people are not getting loans and people who had knowledge before got more benefit then the real needy people. It was more to do with power games during election campaign.

I have not seen any major change in Telangana, the same corruption holds good, different people might be eating public money, but otherwise status quo is maintained.

I was not happy with what my mother is made to go through at MRO office frequently. I did request CM for an apology and repaying the bribes that she paid. Also CM peshi has people who are arrogant.  This is something that looks like a long term project. I want all petty bribes in the system be abolished. Then focus will be on big bribes. All government offices should deliver on what they are supposed to do. Temples will have "HUNDI" but government offices are not temples, so we dont need to pay secret money/bribe in anyway. No offense to GOD as he is relatively cheaper and doesn't demand fixed amount to listen to your prayers :-).

This is something that I carry forward next year, I will do the follow ups with government for people friendly and hard working employees.

I was at leisure during last couple of weeks of the year, Spent time with kids, played with them watched movies with them and I think I should do that more often to make myself more productive. Kids help you realize what you are and to be successful, I think we need to pay more attention to kids.

Also personally, would like to have my mother experience "FLIGHT", she want to see how airport looks like and how the flight journey feels like. Probably a family trip or so.  Otherwise I think I do not have detailed plan for new year, though got bullet points(gkey, careerscale promotion with more tasks etc).

Many thanks to my family, friends and relatives for being with me throughout. Thanks for being what you have been to me.

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