Thursday, December 04, 2014

Complaint to the Chief Minister

Dear Chief Minister,

I am writing this with great pain, My mother who is more than 65 years and is illiterate is made to make rounds to various government offices. Not just once but many times. My parents worked hard for me, though they were never aware of what I am studying or what my future would be, they gave their entire life for me. It is my responsibility to keep them happy, but unfortunately my father expired while working hard as a farmer. He never made crores with farming but he made loans because he was hard working farmer and never cheated anyone.  As a son it is really shocking. At least I wanted to keep my mother happy. She loves to stay in the village and not in the city, so she lives in Bhallanpally, Tadoor mandal, Mahbubnagar district. Her name is Laxmamma.

Please see  my mother's some of the sufferings as   a youtube video at this URL.

It is a big shock for me to see my mother making rounds to Mandal Office and then people are trying to suck money from her. Even a simple revenue seal (stamp) they are demanding 10 rupees, she had  3 forms and then she is forced to pay Rs 30.  When she wanted to transfer my father's LPG connection that guy asked her for Rs 200.

I see really a shameless administration who are sucking money from poor people with petty bribes. People are used to pay the bribes Mr. Chief Minister, but why should my mother suffer? what mistake she has done? to vote you to power?

I beg you Mr. Chief Minister, to let her live her life and do not make more pains to her.  Please advice your administration to stop the bribes at once and then simplify rules, what on earth makes you force old people stand in queues for pension or some other scheme at mandal offices etc, It is so scary to see so many news items where people died of sun stroke or heart attack while trying to get some govt benefit. I am not so sure Mr. Chief Minister why they need to be forced to die because of govt schemes. Who should be made responsible for this inhuman crime? Shouldn't be the government and the people running the government?

I am an ordinary person Mr. Chief Minister and do not want anything to happen to my mother like it happened for lot of people in the news. I want my mother to be safe and  for other mothers and fathers who are also having similar sufferings, I beg you Mr. Chief Minister, please STOP the BRIBES at once.

Mr. Chief Minister, I have 2 demands.

1. Visit Bhallanpally and convey your apologies for not being able to deliver a proper system and pay Rs 30 that my mother paid as bribe to the attender at the mandal office.
2. And for the benefit of all mothers and fathers of that age range, for GOD shake, please abolish all petty bribes.

I am a common man Mr. Chief Minister, My life is busy to take care of my small family, I really don't about the politics or politicians and what ever big money they eat. My humble request is please let the people have their right to live and please do the needed changes to stop the corruption that impacts small people. Every rupee that is hard earned is very important to me and people like me, we are toiling day and night to make sure the family gets food 3 times a day. Believe me, it is not a simple thing.

As the head of the state you are responsible for the bad administration, you don't need to just throw money Mr. chief minister and remember it is not your money but public money, make the system work properly. Make the employees work for what they are paid for and stop them being worst than beggers for taking inhumanly bribes from old people like my mother.

Mr. Chief Minister, if the demands are not met and if something happens to my mother or family because of the stupid govt policies or lousy govt administration, you and your family (the family members running the govt and not others) and all the ministers will be directly responsible for it and I am also writing to other departments and human rights organizations  so that they are aware of the facts and take notice of my complaint.

Harinath Mallepally


Prasanthi said...

Straight from heart and it is a very valid point. Why old people are made to stand in queues and why they have to die and why they have to bribe?

PK said...

Bribing had become a ritual nowadays. Not only in AP but everywhere in India. Wish if this complaint is answered.