Saturday, November 05, 2005


Today is made working day, beacuse of the power problem last couple of days were like half working days, so the management wanted us to work today.

Today i enjoyed bike riding.. was driving at 60 - 70 with out any problem... Thanks to the long weekend for IT people, Bangalore traffic problem got a temporary solution :-).

I enjoyed the company of shiva and shilpa at papagal. my trip to Bhallan pally was bit different this time. staying that many days there is really tough task (praveen ran away to hyderabad in couple of days, but i remained there). 3 days of severe cyclone created lots of problems in the village, created big loss for some of the crops which are at reaping stage.

Other thing that scared me was my house in the village. we thought its going to collapse, water was pouring from holes made by ants on ceiling(As it is made up of wood and soil). But my father was confident that it wont happen, he had a great reason we placed enough support wooden pillars, so only thing my father was doubting was walls may fall down, because of too much of watering into the walls.
Luckily the days went without creating any disaster.

I was talking with my parents about the alliances for me. But i wanted to go slow in marriage stuff. first let me fullfil my family commitments, and then want to think of self. on the other side, I do need a good companion in life, both mentally and physically. The few friends i have are getting busy with work or their relationship with other friends. Even then life time decisions should be proper. any hectic decision regarding marriage may spoil existing comfort levels too. Any how i am eager to see who is going to be my companion. Will she really understand me? or life is going to be chaos? I thought i will be having a love-marriage. not just me, but most of the relative/neibours might have thought like that. I wanted to try, but it didnt work out. Humans build walls in the name of cast & creed etc. But GOD must be having some amazing plan for my life. So now just awaiting for that magical person.

I am getting confidence in driving now, As i have to travel alone most of the time, bike is really helping me. Essentially i bought vehicle only to learn driving. Ofcourse a costly affair for my budget. Even then its timely decision to buy the vehicle. I got my RC book today.

Work looks sober,there is change of the lead. I think current tech lead is 4th lead to me in a month or so, and the work is 3rd assignment. Is there going to be any trouble? Any how i got to be cautious about career and do more learning.


Sini said...

Nice Post. So u gooing in for a Love-marriage or an Arranged Marriage?? :-)

Jus curious.
- Me

Hari Mallepally said...

wanted love marriage, but going for arranged marriage. so it is going to be arranged - love marriage, instead of love-marriage or love-arranged marriage.

adarsh said...

wht is love-arranged marriage?
love is arranged? or marriage is arranged? :p

Sini said...

Ha ha Nice way of asking Adarsh. Need new posts from u Harinath.


Hari Mallepally said...

it was a sequential stuff adarsh,
i didnt mean leave is arranged or marriage is arranged but first love and then get the formal approval of parents. that was my intention.

hope i answered u. what sara, do you have any queries.. :-)

Hari Mallepally said...

oh spell mistake, read it as love not as leave :-)

Kiran said...

hari monkey.... u should go for arranged marriage... love marriage has all the headaches possible...

Hari Mallepally said...

hey kiran, love marriage is sweet.

i am looking for my parents/relatives to arrange love, not marriage.

i can love my wife too isnt it?