Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Ditachment and Indifference

I have been thinking of writing on this topic. A very interesting topic.

Ditachment is something where you get rid of the desires, Indifference means to be ignorant of the situations. and Yoga says we have to have ditachment but not indifference, the difference between this 2 look thin.

Getting rid of desires doesnt mean one has to go to himalayas and do prayers there.
Its that we have control over our thought process, which in turn will control the body.

It is the perception that makes us to cry, laugh and feel. we are just part of the universality but any different from it.it is the senses which make us feel different.

A good personality understands the relations, honors others especially the loved ones. Very often we happen to discard our very close beloved ones like parents ,siblings, spouse or the kids etc.

It is the internal peace that gives us the contentment. Respect your parents, love your siblings and care for your kids.

Most important thing i wanted to think of is "Trying to understand". Understand your loved ones. Probably they are worried much about you rather than themselves?. Its nice that you have great family which cares for you.

Some times the generation gap creates chaos in the family. kids feel their parents are not understanding them, and parents think their children are not listening to them...

Most of the cases, it is the parents responsiblity that they should bring up children in the proper way.

If there is only one boy/gal in the house, Often they were given too much of everything distracting proper mental growth causing them to suffer when they have to lead their own life.

Childhood forms very essence of the life, for each one of us. Hitler had bad childhood and then he took revenge. Some were motivated by nature and became great artists.

Today's thought of the day on the office notice board is interesting.

"To succced, you should have desire of success more than the fear of failure".. Wonderful isnt it?

To have a great living, one should not be scared of anything including death.

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