The health again looks negative. the throad infection leading to cold, cough and fever is now crossed the initial steps making me feel.

It has been just few weeks (just before diwali) i got cure for the same problem. But now it want to hurt me again. so sad.

I am trying to avoid all the late night activities. decided not to go to any 10 PM movie, and staying late in office when its not required etc. weather is not good as its winter. stay home and sleep have a thick blanket.

I think of my grand mother, when i was kid, and studying in jadcherla, she took care of me like anything. she took me to hospital and did took attention to minute things so that i get cured as soon as possible. I wish to have such caring.


adarsh said…
then get married soon ;)
Hari Mallepally said…
yes, thing will happen when they are supposed to.

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