Tuesday, December 27, 2005

The Year Passing By

The year 2005, Lots of things happening around. ugly, bad and Good (somebody was complaining of the order, so changed it :-) ). Able to go on what I wanted to do.

Hmm, the changes...

1. I changed to a different house
2. Bought a Digital Camera.
3. Bought a Bajaj CT 100
4. House construction in the village(its half completed, on the way).
5. Surprised my mother with a gift.
6. Bought a Cardless Headphone (includes FM)
6. Became more alone (people prefer to stay away from me :-) )
7. Started thinking of marriage.
8. Changed to reliance (I never thought of it before).
9. Both sudharshan and Thirumal are mobile now.
10.Started Blogging..
11.Got my teeth cavities filled
12.Had more than enough fights with people (tired of fights now...)
13.Got cheated by a big person again


mm, I should thank suresh, He has been with me when i was in need.There are few other people who helped me lot.
No new acquintance.


Mysore trip with collegues, Ooty trip with PG friends, Rameswaram trip(for reasons unknown).Kodaikanal, palani (with sudharshan)

Got better understanding of the product i am working on. Bike riding (I bought the bike because I wanted to learn)

Davinci code, Alchemist,The monk who sold his ferrali, Wings of the Fire, Men are from Mars Women are from venus, Neuromancer, Digital Forgress.

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your fulfilled are heartful and artful...your yet to b fulfilled must b mouthful..i mean your marriage must me a reality this year