Friday, December 02, 2005

dull days..

last couple of days, i have been facing things which i am not expecting. both professionally and personally. And this is the challenging time for me. Got to prove myself and learn tech stuff and other stuff. I must concentrate on my goals. I want to be a security expert. Have to search for a good professor to guide my PhD on the same topic.

first thing i have to do is the required ground work, which could lead me into some serious player of the domain. learn/refresh the basics. Do the sample implementations. Get grip over the domain to provide innovative solutions to the world. The need for software security will be on the top list, as the world is going towards more automation and more technical. The other way, the problems to this automation are too growing parallelly. So I got to be conscious and work effectively.

There might people, who may want to trouble, but then its the tree which yields well bears the brunt. I need to be more serious about the career path.

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