Monday, December 26, 2005


It has been exactly an year since the Tsunami attack on asia. the pathetic stories of the deceased and the survived relatives.. The continuous suffering for the people (latest being death of 40 in a releaf camp in chennai, during a flood relief distribution camp).

I read an article in EENADU, it says that around 27 scientists across the globe, did some R & D and found out the exact source location of the Tsunami.

I feel what ever are the scientific advances the humanity makes is nothing infront of the nature and fate. We can make earth to go bit off from the sun in its orbit.

Life is the artcraft of the GOD. He can choose the way he want. What we could do is to understand the nature and the GOD, the supreme power. And be humble and play our life properly.

May the souls of the Tsunami victims rest in peace.

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