Monday, December 26, 2005

Irony of Life

I wanted to make peace with the world, but then later i found it out that i got to make peace with myself first which will result in enternal peace to the mind and body.

Often its easy to say, and tough to practice. When i say tough to practice essentially it need not be.

Walking is good for health, many of us getup early in the morning and go for a walk. its amazingly simple and we dont find problem with doing it.

Same time, there is a set of us, who hate to get up early, we are preoccupied with late night activities.

I was wondering why is that everybody getting upset with me... And some way the reason is myself. it was just because I am not able to to handle the things properly. The blame game might work at the external world but i can give the same excuse to my conscience.

Irony of these simple basics of life, is that its not that easy some times.
ex: "To be simple is really tough"

A simple rule of "Give a smile and you will get it back" will work. How simple it is!
But I fail miserably to treat people the way i am supposed to.

The result: fights, troubles, anger, lack of peace.

I was upset with the activities around. Things looked like they are leading to wrong ends, and thought i got to act and do something to make it. yes bit seriously I tried hard. And the result is that i made things more worst.

What i need is peace, smiles on face and infinite patience with myself and with the world, For, I am going to be successful in life.


adarsh said...

whats wrong with u...y do u always think pessimistic

Hari Mallepally said...

hmmm, not exactly.