Monday, December 12, 2005

Healthy Teeth

I have been thinking of visiting a doctor, since my teeth problem. The teeth have developed cavities and the gum is getting weak. really it is troubling me especially i eat something like chicken or something else, where i need to eat more before swallowing. food particles are getting accumulated in the gaps between gum and teeth etc.. and hurting me. yesterday I was not able to sleep for atleast 2 hours after my dinner just because of this pain.

The doc at St.John was kind enough to listen to me, and he did some temporary filling.
he cleaned teeth first, and then used something to drill and did something. what i could see now after coming to office is that there is something on my teeth, a friend told me this is called white cement.

Well, this clearly shows i got to take care of my health more. Any negligence will affect me badly.

The weekend was nice for some extent, was boring some times. Sudharshan visit here made my saturday full. sunday Radio City was my company. listened to "Brunch With the Boss" and "Vintage91" etc. Nice songs i come across.. Like "Dont Worry, Be happy", "What ever will be, will be" etc.

But then i cant live myself all the day i think, thats what i observed on sunday. I tried my level best. Did some study too, but not too much of it.

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