Saturday, December 10, 2005


I do not know but my interest towards a happy family grows more.I have been tough with some of the people around me whom i thought are having more deviations. Ofcourse it will get me some negative impression with me.

Life looks amazing to me, with its all problems, issues, fights, affection etc. And interestingly i am becoming more private :-(. So blog is becoming my best friend with which i could talk and share my thoughts.

Just thinking of "The monk who sold his Ferrari". The author says, the common thing with the people who sleep most their life time is that they do not have any work.

The Life is that we do when we are awake, sleep does help get us some sweet dreams and make us ready for the next day work. Hold and wait works well in most of the occation (one that is mentioned in kamasutra too).


adarsh said...

y private? make urself public...;)

Kiran said...

ahan.... sounds very interesting .....

Hari Mallepally said...

Adarsh... thats what my blog is doing.
:-) Privacy is with people, not with blog. so any body can read my blog.... I am more public isnt it.