Saturday, December 10, 2005


Today i had nice time with sudharshan. Actually i got up early at 6.30 AM (last time i was sleeping when sudharshan landed in BTM, he got wait for around 40 minutes at bus stop). We had lot of discussion on our house construction in the village. We are expected it to get finished as soon as possible (in less than 2 months).

He brought me snaps of the house site.

The only task that i have in mind in my personal life right now is the house construction and making my parents have a relaxed life while having sufficient earnings without much strain. Hope i will be able to make this wish come true as soon as possible.

I was thinking of posting some of my wishes since childhood, here are some of them..

1. I always wanted to fight corruption, at all levels, Do something which provides a comfortable life to the common man.
2. Say No to Dowry, I have observed many of the gals having bad life, because of this social evil.
3. Love Marriage - That was one wish which will not be happening. :-(
4. Have an International media agency, Both press and electronic media.
5. Have an educational system with two ends(One being lexurious for rich students other being with normal facilities for poor merit students, so that the system can servive on its own while delivering a great social responsibility).

6. Have an indoor stadium inside Some reservoir (Like Nagarjuna Konda).

7. Work more on Social evils.

8. To become a poet/author and write something interesting.

9. Make few movies which go into the history of cinema.

10.Do Research on software security and work towards a electronic security system which could help humanity, with cheaper but high quality solutions.

I love to see my parents having good time in the new house.

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