A week passed with a relaxed note. Spent some time with my old team in fixing few issues. and then tried to refresh some tech stuff. Have been expecting a mail from US office regarding new work. i havent got the mail in the week days but good thing is that i got a mail from ajaypandit (just now i checked inbox).

In personal life, i thought i am feelingless.. but then when i had to vacate the house, i felt so sad. Its tough to leave people with whom we have been associated with.

Didnt feel comfortable to have a meal at Andhra Mess, even on saturday. it happened because i hate alcohol and my friends want to have it at their weekend.. so I got to have lunch myself.

I had a bitter mail from one of my friend yesterday. I thought will be dull but then i implemented few techniques which i always wanted to do when i am about to go into distress or dull mood.

1. Talk with people. talk something not personal to you and something interesting to the other end also.
2. Call up your friends and talk with them about their life. while telling about yourself, tell about something which will be not nearest to the source of your problem.

3. Think something about your previous achievements or your goals.

4. Involve yourself in some pending work, (do blogging, write something or clean the house).
5. Dont leave your mind free especially when there is a pain. It will hurt you so badly.

I called up sudharshan, babu, and vadina. Now shiva is able to talk. Great development that i have seen in recent times..

I am just not worrying much about the house, well some how life will go on.


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