Being sick

Last weekend i got my favourite health problem, cold, cough and fever, everything because of throat infection. I was not able to eat. felt very much weak. Some how i drove to office on monday morning. On sunday night I distrubed roomate sleep with my cough. when i consulted doctor at St John's, he says its a minor viral infection, it will be fine in a week or so and told me to use crocin tablets.

Other thing that i have seen this weekend is some business plan with suresh. it looked interesting to me.

Life looked bored sometimes but then i learnt to live with lonelyness so nothing much to worry about it. only problem is that when we get ill,we wish somebody to be close with us and take care of us. After all we are humans.


adarsh said…
hey..... how r u feeling now..
sorry.. couldnt call u back yday....
adarsh said…
get married soon.. she will take care of u all the time...

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