ooty trip

This weekend was nice one with a trip to Mudumalai, Ooty and conoor. Here are the snaps of the trip.

We enjoyed the trip, with 8 of our classmates meeting together.

It was funny, some times few of us got agitated over the things happened.

to start with, me and suresh went to srikanth house, on saturday morning. By that time already Srivastav and Adarsh (Hyderabad) and Seshu, Srinu and Ramesh (from chennai) arrived there. srikanth the M.L.A talked with a travels for qualis and we started around 9.30 - 10 AM.

The trip was supposed to be to COORG, but then after reaching maddur the driver told it will take more time to COORG so it might not be possible to be back by sunday night 9PM, then we said ok to mudumalai, ooty and cooner plan.

We went to mudumalai around 3 PM. had a walk around and then had a safari trip to see wild animals.

Funny thing was that we saw baisons only during the safari trip. but while going to mudumalai and during return journey we have seen some deers, peacocks and some elephants.

The Safari trip was funny one, when there were some baisons, one middle aged lady got up and was telling us not to make noise. She told "SSShhhhh, Vo log baag jayega". we repeated this statement when ever there was a baison during the safari trip. i guess that lady might have felt ashamed of asking us to be calm.

Looked like we guys are the most wildest animals then the animals we have seen. we have suresh, Adarsh etc with us so i guess wild animals ran away from the sight of the vehicle.

The driver, was autocratic, and he took us to the places he wanted. srikanth had an altercation with the driver as he was not stopping in the locations we wanted.

We went to ooty in the night around 8PM, then took hotel rooms and had lunch at some restaurant and watched TV in the hotel room and slept.

It was not cold as it was supposed to be. I found that windows were in open state only all the night in my room, still we didnt feel much cold.

I think this is off-season.the ghat road was nice. with big trees, and greenary all the places.

We wondered how they are able to cultivate Tea plantation in that curved locations..

We went to Highfield tea estate, went inside the Tea factory there, and have seen how the process of Tea preparation takes places.

we bought some tea there, and then went to Dolphin Nose, it was nice location, something similar to suicide point at Kodai. then enjoyed boating and some amusement stuff around the boating station.

The return journey was interesting one, srinu started giving the intro about Adarsh and then it went into full swing with guys giving intro about others, suresh, adarsh, srinivas yerra and vastav took great part of it. the funny way our guys were explaining about each others love stories. the way suresh proposed to all 6 gals in the class and got rejected. srikanth, adarsh, vastav love stories, my pen friends stuff etc.

Then we are back to majestic, adarsh and vatsav had to leave for hyderabad. then we went to Nandini palace, near tribhuvan theatre.

had dinner there and then chennai guys went to central to catch their train bangalore guys returned back to their places.

The trip was poorly organized by srikanth, while Adarsh played the role of official photographer of the trip. He took snaps of the backs of elephants, some trees and leaves. He was very much happy about taking photos and playing with his new camera.

when ever one wanted solo snap, it became a group snap. some guys were yelling "i want one real solo snap".. Suresh wanted snaps for his alliance search.

I had severe vomiting sensation sometimes during the trip. i vomited all the breakfast while going. that was bit tough for me. Other than that my health didnt trouble me in any place.

Nice trip. Thanks guys for making it a memorable one.



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