Traffic woes

The traffic looks very much odd to me. most of the traffic problem is because nobody cares to wait a little and let the traffic get cleared. People in their hurry, make way for grid lock, making nobody move and making traffic stagnant.

The moral of the traffic conditions is that we can never trust a route to be good. all the routes will be good some time and some times they go bad.

Hmm, then one truth about making people whom u like to hate you is that just irritate them. This works. Nobody likes a person who irritate others. it might be the close fnd of you, but then you expect that there should be some limits to everything.

But i learned one thing, it does help people to carry on in life. yes. if somebody has to leave you and if they cant do in normal conditions then just irritate them. It helps your fnd to get onto the rest of life.


adarsh said…
hey... whom did u irritate now?
btw, u didnt write a sing thing abt our trip?

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