Tuesday, August 30, 2005

never give up

Life is about attempts and about making them successful. Its the individual persistence and seriousness which makes any attempt go success. I have been facing some kind of frustration at office. Nothing moves ahead, people dont work as expected (as they are supposed to do). big ones try to save their face at the cost of low ladder employees etc. It looks i cant do anything here. But then it is this current situation that creates golden opportunities. There is nothing big or great when everything is fine and we contribute to make it bit better. True succcess lies in the attempt (it could be failure too) to make things that are not in achievable conditon, doing something exceptionally or doing something exceptional will qualify for success. Money, women etc follow the men who go with success. Its the success which has all relatives not the failure. But at the same time failure gives a golden opportunity to learn which we might not be learning if we are success at the first attempt.

Now a days i see the youth towards more lust, not on goals. they pretend to be on the way but they r not. This is disappointing. people are not serious about relationships marriage is loosing value in the youth. Its not freedom what we think, freedom is inherently has bounds. if electrons leave their orbits and take their own path its the destruction which will be the outcome. the simplest of the elements do follow certain order. why not we humans who have brains and can think. Ofcourse it often makes me worry.sometimes I go thinking of my own relationships (was never close to any female in any intimate meaning :-). and their pros and cons. most of the females are very much possessive and are dumb enough to go to any extent on flattery. This one is funny. every female knows how she is but gets happy if some guy says u r beautiful (even if she is not). Why do i wonder abt this?. Its because the women make the society. if a guy is bad it just reflects on him and his own family. But if a woman is bad, it spoils family, their street, city everything.

Well, seems like i am trying to figure out more mistakes with people. I will try to limit my thoughts to myself and for my career which is a terrible need of the moment. its family and personal career and the society thats important to me. Today i did a small good thing, contributed my ICICI reward points to action aid.

got to buy a PC for sudharshan, he has been asking it. probably my next immediate task.

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