Sunday, August 21, 2005

going reliance

Now i stopped the service of hutch dog, it never followed me even when i am at same place(quite contrary to the advts they show) the network is getting congested often.

well, thought of trying reliance. its better interms of service and connectivity. the reliance india card (for STD calls) is the good part of it. i can use prepaid alone, without paying anything extra for my over usage of phone. only a monthly rental of 150 is sufficient.

my new samsung slim boss N380 looks cute. just sufficient to me, no colours no extra features. the voice clarity is good. its the slimmest phone i have ever tried (out of the 3 cells i bought including the current one).

sad thing is that i have to update my addressbook from my LG gsm mobile. wish all my friends update their contact list with my new number 9342175660 and call me back so that i update my addressbook without typing the number again. :-)


kalyani said...

u should have given me this information before updating ur address book i would have come to office and called all ur friend and let them update ur no and asked them to give miss call :) so that i woulb be easier for u.....

Hari Mallepally said...

Thanks buddy :-).