Laxmi Mittal

This weekly edition of Buisness world talked of One million tonnes of steel business and about the "carnegie from calcutta" Mr. Laxmi Mittal. There seems to be great visionary in Mittal that drives mittal steel to capture the steel business across the globe and lead the field with no. 1 position.

I was just mapping my thoughts with the William Lowell Kane and Abel of "Kane & Abel" novel which i just finished couple of days back. I felt the goal-achieving spirit of both the guys in the novel in Mr. Laxmi Mittal. He is there to rule. He created history and he is going to write the future.

very much intersting, and India should be proud of Mr. Laxmi Mittal. He is soon going to enter indian market too.

Other thing davinci-decoded again looks interesting.
Davinci decoded


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