manohar getting capital punishment

Today's news papers contained one item which drew my attention. The court has given capital punishment for manohar, who killed his class mate gal mercilessly infront of everybody in guntur just in the class room. It made a terrible news that time i remember, now he got punishment he deserved.

But it might be better if this is converted into life term instead of hanging manohar.

coz, he has killed one person, and done the crime. should the system do the mistake again by killing another person?

I am not sure of how to react to this news item, but because of his background and the kind of killing he has done, I think he needs it.


adarsh said…
he should be hanged.. then only it will be good lesson to everyone who play with the lives of other people.

No mercy should be shown on him..
adarsh said…
such guys should be punished as shown in the movie 'Aparichitudu"
Hari Mallepally said…
what punishment can be meaning full for him? crimi bojanam?
adarsh said…
Garuda puranam says..
Those who neglect their culture, those who have illicit affairs with low status women, those who misbehave without self-discipline and those who neglect the right way of living so as to live like free birds or animals will be sent to "Pooyohtham"
Hari Mallepally said…
yah i too refered to garuda puranam. it says that. (the one that was fwded to me few weeks back, btw is that true)

adarsh said…
It is true.. better u dont do such things. ;-)
Hari Mallepally said…
stupid, i am innocent guy.
adarsh said…
i never said u r not innocent..
i just said be careful.. i cant see u eating all those things. ;-)

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