Wednesday, August 10, 2005

A.P.R.School Beechu pally

I went to attend Babji marriage at Gadwal. I went to see my school which is near by at Beechu pally just beside the bank of river krishna. It was a nice trip. I remembered my school days. certain changes are there in the school. most of the faculty is changed. I didnt see even a single faculty member whom i knew already. I met few faculty and then made a round to hostels. Seems hostels are still in the same old bad condition.

I am fond of my A.P.R.School, Beechu pally background. It tought me lot, showed me better aspects of life. Excellent competation was there. my class toppers might be in bigger positions then me. But the APRS needs attention. I guess still the food problem might be there.

The boys are energetic, I saw then without fear and with lot of enthu. Its great to be there at the school again. I felt i need to help them.

Beechu pally -509125
Mahaboob Nagar -Dist

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