Saturday, August 06, 2005

Interesting and dull day

Today i wanted to finish Kane & Abel. And successfully able to finish all the around 580 pages of novel. It was good one. Felt like i learned little bit about the finance and how the world of finance has been evolving.

It touched the sinking of Titanic, the losing of virginity of the two boys in their teenage, how they grew themselves as opposite poles,the first and second world wars and then the financial slowdown of 1929/30 etc. How William ran the Lester's and the Abel grew himself as a "Chicago baron"

I felt sad to learn at the end that Abel's personal vendetta was wrong, it was the William Lowell Kane who was anonymous investor and saved the Abel from taking control of the the Richmond group which abel called it as Baron group.

Few of indian words like "Brahmin" and "Maharaja" etc impressed me. just another proof that our impression on english :-)

The climax looked more indian :-). The son of Kane and the daughter of Abel fall in love and fight their parents running away and getting married etc. the lives of two important people (kane & abel) from birth to their end and their quick reactions and fast working brains etc.

I sacrified my morning exercises to finish the novel i just had a nap in the noon and a lunch break other than that i was all the time reading the book.

Both tried to ruin the other, and they were able to succeed in that attempt some extent.

Impressive novel. Books always made a good companion of me, because they never desert me as some of my close friends did leaving me into serious pain.

Other thing is that it is been a week since i buy my CT 100, and also since i cried last time. It was a bad experience for me last saturday night after the movie, when we guys came back, venkatesh made a filthy comment to have my collegues. I reject that and compared my collegues with his family members then he rose and started beating me, i literally felt crying like anything. other room mates move him away from me.I cried to sleep. was not able to eat till the next day late noon. Just a bad experience in life. I didnt do any mistake in this case, it was that guy who took it too seriosuly. I always cared for my collegues and usually i never treated a female collegue as a female. It is the work and the ambience that matters not the gender for me at office. I always used to say kalyani is a guy who has been working with me for the last few months. Ofcourse now I am going to work with sachin on "ASK" a special feature of our PiiE product of digital harbor.

The change of work, from "Link Analysis Tool" to "ASK" is welcome one. I was getting bored on working the same thing without much progress. I have been expressing my fear about the component. Nobody of the senior management was clear about how to go about it. I remember telling nanda kishore, "One wants elephant other wants a cat and we prepared a dog". Neither the requirements were clear nor the people were.

Instead of going to bench from next week i will be working on "ASK". I have a wish now a days so far work is concerned, to do something useful with struts and J2EE probably a TIMESHEET application. I want to do this with personal interest.

I am feeling comfortable now to ride my new bike. Apart from embarrasing halt of engine in the middle of the traffic, it looks ok for me.


adarsh said...

heheheh... i have crossed that stage.. i am able to drive properly in traiffc also.. infactn yday drove from Hitech city to Kukkatpally .. the busiest roads as far as i have seen.. ;-)

Hari Mallepally said...

Hmm thats great adarsh.

well, today i drove to office without any halt in the middle. yesterday i was wandering in bangalore. looks i am getting confidence.

Mmm you are always great adarsh.

adarsh said...

wandering? y so? didnt meet anyone? suresh, sriks , hari.?

Hari Mallepally said...

Those guys are always busy ra. i went to baldwin boys school as one of my fnd wanted to attend the times job fair there. i thought it could make better learning of bike for me.