Tuesday, August 09, 2005

ask your questions on google

interesting to see this imposition.. (I will use google before asking dumb questions :-) )


Sini said...

This i think we do need to learn. Recently one of my friends was complaining that a colleague of his who is 4 years exp, didnt know how to code a particular stuff. And this friend of mine was saying... "Even if you dont know how to do it....u shud at the least know how to search on Google".

Very true. na?? And my response for that answer of my friends was .." Abe ullu...Google tho abhi aaya na.....usko college mein padaaya nahi hoga..google kaise use karthe hai" :-)

Very useful for folks who are in the IT industry. Yaa??

Hari Mallepally said...

Yes thats true.

adarsh said...

still he can use google...by typing "How to seacrh on google " in google search bar ;-)