Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Mangal Pandey

Yesterday evening i happened to see MANGAL PANDEY, the hindi movie at the PVR. Well, Amir khan did good home work, but the movie was a boring one. Might be opinions vary from person to person, i dont dare to blame the movie. It was not impressive. Songs were not impressive, nor the role of amir khan. There was nothing great in the theme to be as a movie which is released world wide. A theme and screen play which just suites for a lenghthy odd hour serial on DD. some songs were fleshy ones, showing some erotic scenes and amir in chains etc didnt mount to a good movie.

At the end of the movie, i happened to overhear somebody's comments "PAGAL PANDEY". I thought of keeping this as the title of this post, but then felt i dnt have rights to blame the perfect person of hindi movie world. Best part of the movie is the trailer that impressed me so much with "MANGALA MANGALA MANGALA...." song.


adarsh said...

yes.. even i heard that movie wasn't that good..

Venky said...

harinath...just try seeing the glass as half full not as half empty....
Movies are meant not only for entertainment but some movies do help u 2 learn some ethics... & etiquettes..in life..

Anyways u r at your liberty 2 complain & blame things

Hari Mallepally said...

yes venky.. I agree, there was social life depiction. There were not much ethics etc venky. The way women are portrayed in the movie is odd. I didnt like that way.