Kane & Abel

Now a days i have been reading Kane & Abel by Jeffrey Archer, an interesting lengthy book. story of two boys( from their birth and background). Its very interesting novel. Kane, the rich man having everything green for him, doing miracles at his small age, at the age where any normal guy fully depends on parents,invests in shares and tries out many different money making things. great stability in his thoughts and the foresight.

Abel being born in a forest and was brought up by a hunter family, is lucky enough to reach his father (from step parents).. and the depiction of the world war and how it affected the people of poland. His journey to Russia (his captors took him there). from there he escapes back.. and the story is going on. wanted to finish the book as soon as possible.

And the rest of the life, is normal. still scared to drive my new CT 100. ofcourse there is some good progress in the i am able to handle it. now i can put the stand and start the vehicle move freely if there are no blocks on the road.

Yet to get full confidence on handling the clutch, break etc. Hope soon i will be able to make it.


adarsh said…
"now i can put the stand and start the vehicle move freely if there are no
blocks on the road..."

hehehhe... learng putting stand? u mean side stand? or main stand itself? ;-)
u know lord lapak das also got bike.. splendour+
looks like this is bike season..
wht u say?
Hari Mallepally said…
might be!.

yah, i do not know many things in this world and putting a main stand for bike was one among them. but now i know this one and also able to ride to and fro to office with one or two restarts in the middle.

so prabhu got a vehicle cool, still with HCL CISCO?
adarsh said…
hehehe.. i passed this stage long before ;-) i meant 2 weeks before...

ues... lord is still in Cisco

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