Sunday, February 16, 2020

New Passbooks of Telangana, Great initiative but with bugs

@KTRoffice , I am an NRI and was visiting Hyd in a workshop and took time to visit my mother (Laxmamma, Bhallanpally, tadoor mangal, NGKL district). I wanted to bring to your attention of mistakes with passbooks, I was not sure if people were asking for those tiny books, though I like the quality, Unfortunately existing survey numbers are missing and some survey numbers are misplaced, wow, looks like an untested enforcement of something on innocent people, though intention is good, why should people be made to suffer by someone's mistakes? the mental agony and the sufering on people brought by govt is amazing.

The survey numbers that should go to my mother (from my grand mother) are all added upto my passbook and dispite multiple represenation by my mother asking for her passbook, she was shooed saying that its all given to your kids. But interestingly what was supposed to be on my passbook, some entries are missing (they are just missing and do not know whom to blame). its small bits of land (approx 4 acres in total and the missing or wrong entries are for 26 guntas), but still it is important for my mother and for me (not in terms of monitory value but its memory of my parents who toiled hell through their life to get education to us.

and now some employee(s) has done mistake causing trouble to my innocent mother. its crap. Do these employees worth their salaries and bribes they take all the time? If it was my own team, I would have fired them when they do such mistakes.

is this something your office can do something? Unfortunately after the workshop this week, I need to go back to US and won't be able to spend too much time circling around the goof ups of the govt execution. I really spent time with multiple visits to tadoor office to get my father's lands to our names after his death, it needed multiple visits and escalation to district collector (and interestingly it seemed to work with escalation, just a physical mail and email) it took few months only after escalations to get it sorted out) , but then when the new passbooks were given, there was this mistake.

I am taking time off today and will be visiting secretariat to raise complaint. I think the official visiting hours are 3PM to 5PM, I am thinking of raising this complaint at revenue dept but if it is supposed to be somewhere else, I need to figure it out. I am not really sure if this is going to be responded too but will really appreciate if this can work.

I am not looking for bringing change in the society or something, I am a common man , just leading a common life. me being an NRI is just for my own family survival and not to be attributed any significance.

Having said this, there is some sort of visible changes, biggest being completing the irrigation projects, which I would say must be credited to the current govt (and the perils of it, with high land values, I suspect all those who are farmers now will remain as farmers but will sell off their lands to leverage on the high prices and then lease lands to do farming).

Hyderabad has not changed much, same pollution, same chaos. yes, there is metro but did it really made difference as a whole? City is not just for IT employees and for everyone. I think there is lot of work pending and its a serious job. I cannot compare our cities with China ( was in Shanghai once) or Taiwan (such a tiny island country but still amazing discipline and development). Let us never ever compare with singapore and all, no one with common sense will ever compare with other countries, that will be stupid.

Best part of our cities is that our people never mind things, people are happy about what they got, best part of being family is that you are super busy in taking care of them and we never realize how are such a slaves all life, just working all of it. within 5 years, the 2 rupee small cup of tea is now 20 rupees or so, the 15 or 20 rupee coconut water is now 40 rupees, its amazing progress with inflation and no one seem to bother about it.

Having complained, I really love this city, I always will do. The people are amazing and very accommodative.

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