Friday, March 25, 2011

Whose money is it?

Tamilnadu state elections or to be specific, parties that are in the race for power and their election manifesto is shocking.

Both the present DMK govt and opposition AIDMK are promising to give away laptops, gold, mixer/grinders, free rice,free power and lot more to the people. This sounds as if the parties have trillions of dollars and are on philanthropic mode.

The same thing has happened in Andhra Pradesh with Y.S.R announcing everything free to people earlier. Now he is dead and state is struggling to meet the financial closure for its schemes.

well, the answer to the title question is, as everyone knows, it is public money. People should learn how to teach lessons to parties who bribe officially announcing FREE schemes.

I am a happy man to struggle and earn my food. I don't want someone to feed me for a day (If there is a guarantee that I get free food for rest of my life, probably that is the best way I can become lazy, but no one is promising that). If someone does and if I am not in a condition to help myself to earn my food, I think I got really good help.

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