Thursday, September 22, 2011

Resolve Telangana

This is itching everyone in this area for so long. People have strong opinion about Telangana. Either they want Telangana or they want some declaration that it will never happen. Either way everyone wants a amicable solution to the issue. While I want Telangana to be a developed area (as much as I wish every other part on this earth to be developed), I some how hate the politicians of this area more. If There is a Telangana and the same junk leaders are going to enjoy the power, there is no difference to the end user. We can no longer run a government by giving "freebies". If take KCR,for this guy it is like a family business. his son, daughter, son-in-law etc are into this and are making lot of money. I am really interested to see if Telangana is given and what is going to be their FATE. Once the issue is resolved then I guess they will be unemployed. Same with most of the other leaders, We need to bring a revolution in the way political leaders function, and how rest of us view them. We need another moment just for this purpose. If they become dedicated and work only for the welfare of the people, I guess we can just merge entire India into just 4 states (say North, South, East, West). So time for our leaders to stop preaching and start living exemplary life. Telangana moment is just the "effect" and I am afraid, the "cause" (underdevelopment) will remain even after the statehood. It might be in different format (May be south Telangana will raise against North Telangana etc). Unfortunately no one has real serious interest into fixing the "cause" issue. Remove the "Free" schemes, help every person to stand on his own and earn his own food. on a personal front, I moved onto Ivy and this month has been bit relaxing for me (not too much of work at my previous employment and with new company I am started getting used to it).

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