Saturday, April 30, 2011


Yesterday I was trying to explain Abhi on the benefits of being literate and learning alphabets.

He generally doesn't focus much to learn alphabet. so I was explaining him that If you know how to read and write A, B,C etc you will be able to play many games on laptop and read everything on your own.

He seems convinced. He is so confident that he immediately asked, so will you buy another laptop for yourself?

He is so inquisitive that at times it becomes so irritating. an year before I think, when I told him, the way you are irritating me, I am able to see stars in day light, his immediate question was "where are they NANNA ("daddy")" and started looking up at the sky.

Managing and mentoring kids is highly sophisticated job and most of us fail miserably in it. But the experience gained is worth.

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naveen reddy said...

now baba ramdev strted..crores of rupees r spending for his he had this much mny..??was this white mny..these people r selfish..never change..only way to stop corruption is everyones has to oppose...