Saturday, April 09, 2011

We are not corruption free yet

Recent hunger strike by Anna Hazare and the media and civil support for that event and the union govt. consent for the demands gave some impression that there is a big different that is going to happen. Anna Hazare has accepted that it is not DONE yet, and it is done only when the "Lokpal" bill comes into force.

Making changes to constitution or creating a framework/scheme to address corruption and bringing in everyone into the new framework so that everyone is accountable is just a baby step towards this complex issue called "Corruption". Essentially because we are so much wired into it. Almost everyone is part of this anomaly (corruption).

We actually need a government who is dedicated and has no political concerns about their survival while executing good rule (tough for corrupted people). This is nothing but a dream. While running the government, they are always in need of making some compromise or the other.

Alternatively everyone in INDIA should stop bribing and this is one more near impossible scenario.

What we can do and what is a possibility in INDIA is to make the system more transparent and increase accountability and reduce the loss of development because of the corruption in a gradual manner. Sudden changes may push system into chaotic and then into same "Old system".

But overall, it is good that this time this attempt got more attention (because it is Anna Hazare who was doing it).

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naveen reddy said...

now baba ramdev strted..crores of rupees r spending for his he had this much mny..??was this white mny..these people r selfish..never change..only way to stop corruption is everyones has to oppose...