Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Jai Telangana

Let us celebrate. Every employee gets the salary even without working for more than 40 days. All the important leaders of the unions might have been given a better compensation. News says Polavaram contract is given to some one related with the KCR. Everyone got the good deal. Even the TDP MLA who resigned for telangana got re-elected on TRS  logo.  Students got the schools back. Leaders got lot of free publicity. Now the the poor can go to the towns and cities for their livelyhood work and also can visit a doctor as well without any problems (RTC unions called of strike). Now  my cousin need not pay Rs 200/- to go to his home town Jadcherla from Rajendranagar,Hyderabad.  When you hire a cab, he will be 100% working for you and will not do any extra trips for his own benefit. Probably they got really great BOOM period as there are no buses and life should go on.

Media needs novelty everyday, how long same JAC story?, Let us celebrate with a new story. Telangana could have become really a boring story if Telangana was formed every time KCR made an announcement, we could have had more Telanganas than the countries we have in the world. It could have been a bigger disaster to see that many Telangana instances. (in terms of OO concepts, Telangana should be a  100% perfect SINGLETON object).

Only few millions of poor people got affected, it was a bigger dry period for most of the street side vendors. But it doesn't matter as they do not matter after elections and are available as buyable commodities, only thing is because of the inflation, election to election the price increases.

Even the wineshop dealers announced one DRY DAY.  You know it could have been the most hazardous thing that could have happen for the entire period. People should drink and sleep and never worry about what is happening around. Yes people should enjoy life and should it really matter if we have the roads, water, housing etc are available and affordable. This doesn't make a bigger story.

JAI TELANGANA, yes we need TELANGANA minus and the so called leaders creating so many hurdles to the common man in daily life by all stupid decisions. It doesn't really make any difference if there is a DALIT puppet as chief minister. It is as much as having a highly qualified Prime minister who is remote controlled.

Can we dream of some evolution in our daily life. Will we ever see REAL LEADERS who care about people of larger community (people of the state) than their own community (son, daughter, son-in-law etc). You know life is not like a 2.5 hrs indian movie, so certain things are really stupid even to think of. So I will cut short the dreams (even JP dreamed about something but you know what he along with the Joker Chiru made  a mess in the last elections).  Reality bites, it is harsh but the fact is we need to live with it. We will have these leaders unless they are died of natural causes and some extremist fed up with the news channels is going to do something. Showing sympathy for their "fast-unto-death" doesn't really need that attention because they will not die. You know the system is something that all political guys share, it is only that some time someone plays a different role (like fasting etc) but as per the "Politics-money equivalence theory" (well it is my own theory, as per this theory "SYSTEM = POLITICS * (MONEY)(MONEY) " ), it is only the set of people share the "fruits". The fasting or the "walks" or the "oordarpu yatra" etc will certainly will have the result but not for the common man.

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Murali said...

Amazing article Sir...Hats off to your thoughts and Spirit.