Thursday, June 07, 2007

Day unexpected

It was one of the painful days i ever had. I was at loosing end all the day, and for no mistake of mine. Everyone was giving me lecture on how things need to be done etc. I didn't expect anything like this to happen. But at the end we are humans and certain things cannot be mended as we want.

I have built up something for the last 2 months brick by brick, and today I saw everything falling. What an unfortunate day for harinath?

Things do look difficult, and sometimes all wrong things happen. What I can do at that situation is to start building again brick by brick.

I might be taking certain strategic decisions sooner or later.

An abstract post, isn't it? full day was abstract for me. I was given lectures and lectures. You know some times it just happens that rest of the world feels that every one else is right and you are not!.

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dear hari......

very upset over you are being classed and it seems you feel all your efforts went in vain ...i hope you will be recognised and efforts never fail when your like persons built them....wait and see...