Saturday, September 15, 2012

Shit called corruption

It is the terrible thing. This corruption is there everywhere, It is so formal and so legal in almost all govt offices.
Recent experience is with RTA office Kishan bagh.  The amazing organizational structure of corruption makes us get surprised. These idiots got fixes for every solution to stop corruption.  The webcam to take snap of the license seeker, the thumb impression machine, the signature recording machine, the online test everything is so well managed to create more avenues for corruption.

I went through  the driving school and agreed to pay what ever they said it will cost. The old man at the driving school (it is a  small shop used for multiple purposes and doubles up as driving school office) winks his eyes and says govt is only one so is the fee, but there are so many people in the layer and everyone has to be fed so the fee charged is more than 4 times of actual fee.

I along with  my friend went there to RTA office and the agent whose number is given by the driving school guy didn't switch on his mobile until 9.15AM or so. Upon his confirmation we went to the RTA office and called this guy multiple times. He got irritated in NAWABI style and came to see us. He was stinky and might have not taken bath for at least a week or so and also not sure whether he brushed his teeth anytime in his life.

He asked us to wait for 15 minutes and then came after 40 minutes. Says they are not accepting PAN card for DOB proof and he need to make up affidavit for it. We asked what other proofs  they can accept, he says secondary school certificate.  Fine, we will get. I am not really sure if Congress govt makes changes on a timely basis to not to accept PAN card as ID, DOB proofs(while accepting all TDS ). It was a big lie.

When we went to RTA with SSC copies, he made us wait for some time and then he says no need to stay in the queue, you can go to front and say "My photo didn't come properly so need to take it again" and skip the queue. We didn't like that idea and stood up in the queue.

We found most of the people are doing the same thing, I got pissed off at the end and they shouted and sent back  5 to 6 people back to queue. But then the smarter ones stayed. One guy says he already took photo and it didn't come well, so need to take it again. Even the guy at computer says, yes yes he did take photo before. I asked his reference number, it is 60 and mine is 13. Though I shouted at him how come 60 takes photo first before 13. he says it happens.

Agent gives slips with 90 written as code sign (might be the computer operator gets 90 rupees).  once photo is done, agent gave a different slip for LLR test with some other code for money.

Funny thing is that the online test is so simple in that RTA office, just give the slip and the RTA officials will enter your number, dob and click start test and complete test. You do not need to touch key board or mouse.

Believe me or not, you can easily get driving license in hyderabad for you pets also. Only thing is you may have to shell out little extra money.

For me the agents, the govt employees all looked like MAN EATERS.

And Anna does shout and show his ego, did it solve any problem? I am afraid it didn't. Anna could have used his supporters to go and clean up all govt offices one after the other so that no office has corruption. It is a simple task, just go to govt office (1 or 2 people) with cameras and tell them that they will be put behind bars and lose jobs, try sending volunteers to do this on regular basis and then reduce the frequency, this brings awareness in people that things are working fine and they need not bribe. I want to dare the system and fix it.

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