Monday, December 31, 2012

The year ahead

Year 2012 was an eventful year. Personally I experienced a lot. Stressful career to healthy relationships with people around, morning walks, the new found yoga guru Sridhar reddy in the colony, badminton practice daily, the continued online training that lead to registering CareerScale IT Consulting LLP and forming clear path for the years to come by.

The IVY experiment was not so cool, with so many issues around and the legacy not accepting change and me not able to adjust with the environment, though I was able to finally work on PL/SQL though found it difficult in the beginning (this means, I am through Java, .net, sharepoint and now into db as well  :-), though not an expert),made up my mind to call off this experiment.

The best part of this experiment is the orphan home facility that is coming up at Vikarabad. With contributions from IVY employees and some matching grant from IVY itself (mgmt was reluctant initially) is now bringing up a big facility 123*33 sft shelter with the cost of INR 15,00,000/-. I was very instrumental in picking this up and taking it forward. Unfortunately I was not there to see the completion of the work but will monitor on behalf of TMAD

CareerScale, the legal entity that is born on 4th Dec 2012(incorporation date), has lot of hopes and work for me for the years ahead. But it is into incubation at present and not much of commercial activity. The dream is to make the infrastructure that goes deep into the education system that the final outcome of our regular colleges is industry ready youth who can either work for industry or go on becoming entrepreneurs. Probably  it may be bit odd to say, train them and shift the academic system from typical kirana store to a supermarket where companies can go and pick the ready made employable youth. May be the future walmart of the world in IT and other employable sectors. BIG DREAM though!. Lot of work ahead and I am still at baby steps.

TMAD was an important part of the year in my life. It will be as well in the years to come. The dyvakrupa orphan home work with the cost of INR 3,00,000 brought tremendous change in the lives of 30 kids in the orphan home. The little shelter in a small room behind a church now has decent facility and with the support of RDO they started a dairy form which gives them around 12 to 15k (after paying the loan installments) they are able to meet the maintenance of the orphan home. They were expecting more help from TMAD but somehow I thought they must self sustain and we shouldn't do too much of spoon feeding there.

The Mahima orphan home (though primary fund pooling was in IVY) work also has great interest in TMAD friends, we really wanted to play a major role in this (if not the HR disinterest @IVY), but we still worked on supporting the electrification with a domestic connection (which includes getting a transformer etc) we incurred cost of around INR 50,000/- towards this.

Supporting buchanna's CA dream through TMAD (I am directly supporting this) and other student (a B.Pharmacy student) etc kept me busy through out the year.  Though I haven't planned any of these activities  for the year 2012, they just happened because they needed support and I wanted to contribute.

You know you will feel very very very happy when you realize your simple assistance bringing up BIG change in someone's life. Recent mail from Karthik Dumpala that he got a big Job and scholarship or something for his invention at IIG Gauhati. I feel really happy. You know sending a little amount as Money Order to a student in his early engineering class with the hope that it helps, and getting this mail after some years is an amazing thing.

The year ahead is going to be challenging for me, I must re-christen myself and get back the old geek skills that I lost with my IVY experiment  I must become someone very very inevitable on technical skill set which any employer on earth should like to hire. But this is not for another HOP but for my CareerScale dream. Being away from typical comfort zone (living in venkateswara enclave, upparpally, hyderabad) with friends like Divaker reddy, Sridhar reddy, Mahesh etc and with my family is a difficult thing. I have become numb being away from my kids Abhi and Adith (They are the best of my existence, I simply love them for what they have been to me). But this leading to simple living and saving few extra bucks might help my dream.


Prasanthi said...

Very emotional and heart touching, moving post. Plan to write one from my end too.

Surya said...

Harinath.. You are really great. We feel that there is no time in our life for small petty things of our own and you do have lot of time to do all this.