Avoid building heavens

It's been long since I wrote on my website.  When I got blessings of so many GODs, I realized how the heaven looks like.  Posting this article after midnight (that is when I got one of my application went live for testing getting the blessings of so many GODs(wrote as people initially).

We build systems and introduce processes into it and in that process of building it, we land up building GODs and each GOD with his own set of prayers and temples (and he/she proudly presenting them as his/her process). This is chaotic as we grow the heaven (population explosion with increase in number of GODs), we land up building a HELL.

Let us not build systems keeping an individual or a team in mind, often we land up repeating the mistake after mistake. Every GOD says here is my process, and surprisingly in this world of globalization, these GODs do not communicate among themselves. It is the believer/deist problem to find out who are all the GODs that need to bless in order to get things in shape and what if the GODs have dependency? they pretend they are talking and communicating but it looks like GODs of different religions though talk, they talk in different languages and so can not understand, resulting in the deist learn the languages and offer prayers as per each GODs language and then also provide translation services.

GODs do not order things, but unfortunately they never deliver, you got to go live tomorrow and GODs do not bless, when they bless you will be blogging after midnight.

Let us avoid building HEAVEN and avoid growing GODs and different processes around it. I know the CMM level 1 is all about SUPER GODs who can do anything but why on MARS we need to build them and worry about them? why cann't we make life humanly possible?

Never build processes for  person and NEVER EVER LET A PERSON build a process for himself and pronounce himself as GOD, that is stupid, the hardworking smart class suffers when every other person who need to work for you becomes a GOD and start giving curse while the customer is waiting.


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