It is kind of LWD


There is a minor change with my employment, while I am still be part of Innominds (in terms of work, project), there is a payroll change. It is technically my last working day today with Innominds Payroll, while I am working on the same project and with same team, with slight change in my work email address (

its not a bye bye mail/post, but I thank every one at Innominds for the great spirit and helping me in many many ways.  

I thank Prasanna, my hiring manager, mentor and the most adorable and committed person I have seen at Innominds, Thank you for hiring me.:-).

Diva, for putting up with my hard views on how/why the company needs more younger leadership to take to next step (I still feel that way :-) ).  Manohar garu for his great thoughts and guidance all the time. 

I thank all the Innominds management for the great support and really putting up with me.

While I am not leaving my team,  they are amazing, they have been my strongest support, their greatest contribution to me -  putting up with me for what ever I am.  Learning new stuff, doing more work and some times (or many times) doing too much of stuff and making people do too. I am hard most times (and interestingly it works too, but I am really trying to learn to be nicer and still achieve same productive levels). Thank you Thank you so much for putting up with me.

Little change is always good, I hope I will be remembered for the experiences/memories I created.  I always worked hard, made team to work and learn in that process, found opportunities for team and for the company to the possible extent and I feel my experience at Innominds  is really fulfilling and mutually rewarding.

Thank you


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