Saturday, January 01, 2022

New Year

 Another new year has arrived.  It's nice to see celebrations and greetings.  With heavy casualties with the  COVID, it certainly a moment of celebration for the remaining with the hope that after 12 months, we remain same and not become casualty to the pathogens.

It is interesting to see  how viruses work, they are not living organisms  per human definition, they are  more of a parasites using host cells for reproducing themselves.   What is more important with  COVID-19 virus is its transformation continuously from one form to many other forms.

The Gregorian calendar and its first day being the new year celebration across the world (formally or informally) makes people excited.

For some reason, new years or birthdays do not excite me any more.  They are just some other random days unless you are one who loves to party, these things dates or recurrences of them are not so special.  There is no specific relevance for new year in term of astronomy.  so effectively its just another day. 

Given that we got too many calendars across the world, specific to religions or regions, it is important to plan and execute our day to day life in better way. The "specific" day of being first of a month doesn't make any more difference. 

Every day is a blessing and we need to celebrate life every day.  

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