Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Life as an experiment

The recent weeks have been bit hectic in going around places and in shopping. Same time got to attend couple of serious issues at office.

I tried city buses and share autos (both 7 seater and 3 seater ones) in hyderabad. It looks fine. Experiencing the life of an ordinary person. There is nothing wrong with city buses. I love to use them for transport and that is going to be one of the biggest transport systems this city is going to have for ever.

Attended suresh marriage on 24th. met satish(suresh's cousin) and wished him too (he got married 2 days eariler in the same marriage hall).

coastal areas of andhra pradesh are really cool. Its fertile everywhere and water all around. It was a nice trip to Amalapuram (we took a train till Rajahmandri and from there got a cab till Amalapuram).

Saw a movie with Srinu (Srinivas yerra) at Rjahamandri. Spent time at Godavari riverside for some half an hour or so. this reminded me my time at Kanyakumari(with sudharshan) and Rameswaram(With Arun,It was more spiritual trip, arranged by a special friend of me).

Comparing back with Telangana districts of AP, it is barren. no water (many places still have drinking water itself as major problem, so forget about farming). People are poor and lost interest in doing useful things with their own brain. they are like sheep, they just follow one another.

My dream house is coming true (partially) at my native place Bhallan pally.
Still certain things are pending(like using solar power fully etc).
As i lost my camera, i cant post snaps that often.

Marriage is going to be one big experiment :-). It looks like a good one. It is different one that any software professional can dream of. Engagement was a simple event and i expect marriage too in the similar way.

But Marriage is really a complex process. got to do shopping (first time i bought too many of branded clothes, sudharshan is thinking that i wasted lot of money :-). But then Brand Factory (the new outlet, that came up in Abids) gave good offers like buy 2 and get 2 free.

Now got to distribute cards, there is hardly a week left. so life might be hectic.
Marriage is an interesting experiment which we cannot repeat (non-repeatable test :-) ).

Most of the people at office are getting surprised. They say "All these days you were in bangalore and how can you get us surprised like this".

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