Sunday, May 29, 2005

The Davinci Code

Last weekend i spent in different way.
I was reading Dan Brown book "Davinci Code". It was a great book of secrets, myth, and lot more.

There is History, there is science, there is religion and also the one which i admire most - the cryptography.

I enjoyed the full book, surprised at the thoughts about Christ lineage, the secrets involved in the Leonardo Davinci paintings. The secret society which carries the truths about the Christ and his life (He is a jew and the author says its a must to get married if not its very special thing that need to be mentioned in the bible).

This story talks of Christ lineage, and especially the gal in the story sophia, and the the Robert Langdon the American iconography specialist , the a secret man who actually runs the story altogether.

Author was successful in keeping the secret as secret while giving the impression of the revelation.

At the end of the novel, things impressed me are:

The secret society,
The attempts of Constantile the Roman king to imply divine concept to jesus Christ.
Christ Lineage
The cryptex - lot of encryption methodology involved with lot of puzzles.
The church which buried hell lot of truths to keep its position safe.
The Leonardo Davinci, Newton etc the great guys involved with the secret.
Church attempt to reduce the importance of the woman (the feminine divinity :-) )
Truth about the Zero line/Rose line

Author has done a great research on the topic and i am not sure whether its about the truth or its the creation of the author.

It was altogether intersting reading, I enjoyed reading the book.

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