Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Interesting Link analysis Tool work

Now a days we started getting good progress on link analysis tool, that we are developing. there has been enhancement in progress knowledge (PiiE related) and also bit of java stuff too. life is bit busy but its interesting.

I had a great interaction with our PM Mr.Vadiraj yesterday.
i learned lot of stuff, how to be a good human being as well as a good employee.
never have any negative thoughts about anybody.
and never judge people by merely their words.
Have control over your tongue.

There are two ways how we interact with people.

Out of pain: if somebody says something and if we just react to it without thinking of anything, its out of pain. even if other person says something which could hurt us, we should not be just reactive. we got to think and control ourself.

Out of Power: the moment you realize the benefit of having control and having good understanding of the situations, you will get lot of power which makes you have a great will, and helps you through out the tasks that you have planned.
you get all pleasing words, and at the end you get the work done.

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