There is something that made me happy recently.
It is not the luxurious infy guest house, not the colourful campus of infosys.
It is the company of friends...true. I vacated the guest house and said bye to that private life, and joined suresh house for my temporary stay in bangalore. it is a good move.

Months of loney life was not scary (both hyderabad, and bangalore), but took away little bit of active life that i had. I was thinking what could be wrong, tried to get rid of boredom, by buying a TV, but TV channels were more boring, then bought a DVD and some original DVDs and movies (Including Mr. bean, Enigma etc) few days were fine, but at the end life was same. :-)

It is always a free mind, without worries delivers most. We get free mind only when we really feel free. just be the same old kid as you were in the school or college,leaving the office face in the office itself.

Anyway thanks to suresh and santhosh (our PU hyperjunior) for receiving me well.


adarsh said…
wish we go back in time to our college days.. ofcourse with our current salaries ;)
Anonymous said…
thanks for visiting my page. :)

haven't been to India but it would be an interesting place to visit someday.

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