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 "INSPIRED" by Marty Cagan is for me a horror movie version product mgmt realities. Someone makes decisions and everyone is forced to March the line and we burn time , money and some how we build the product someone asked for, just to realize it has no real value.

we often build products in "lipstick on the pig" model. we damage and damage and add colors to it.

I like this quote "UX is like a joke, if you have to explain it, it is not good".

also another relevant forward I remember, "Explaining a Joke is like doing an autopsy, if it is not yet dead, it will be".

One of the most abused word or process in software companies is Agile, we actually spent lot of money to get training and then pretend follow it. Waterfall model is more preferred than the psuedo agile methodology where it is used to keep engineers busy on doing something that eventually fails and then put the blame on engineers.

Successful companies in the past and in the future and current, realize realities and work it it in iterative fashion starting from Idea inception to validate if it works or not. what use it will be to build a great technical solution that based on someone's vague input but no body ever uses or needs?

Success lies in trying to fail fast. if you don't fail, you succeed. Problem is pretending to be busy inventing something great and burning money , time just to discover that the idea fails. Often we don't realize in the process because we work for pay check and are not supposed to question.

we should stop treating engineers like slaves who do coding for money while those on the top get promoted for enjoying vacations and making stupid decisions causing eventual failure.

Engineers are not guinea pigs.


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