Trust me?

 Trust is very peculiar, we can pretend we have it, but it's hard to earn , easy to break. We earn by being honest, open and transparant.  We need to respect different views that we may not agree to. Fingers in our hands are not equal , if they were, it could have been a pretty bad design as hands wont serve the purpose, similarly the differences in our views and thoughts is what makes us special, we discuss, argue and debate, thats all healthy.  But thinking low of others ideas or stealing theirs or pretending our own ideas are great is not healthy and do not build trust.  

Pretending to be someone else than what you are won't earn trust.   I think the key is to accept yourself as you are and then the world will accept you as you are!.

Many times, we pretend we are demi gods and are near perfect, its ok  not to pretend that way. Its ok to have mistakes, but not ok to cover it up.  you can be honest about it.  Its ok to get upset, cry or even yell, it means you are living and not pretending.

In organizations, building trust can happen by making everyone part of the decision process or you can always make all the decisions and then pretend everyone approved it and then still do trust building exercises.  

Trust makes relationships,  makes even big unrealistic goals look realistic. it brings confidence and purpose a life. 

and I love these quotes on trust.

Trust opens up new and unimagined possibilities

To be trusted is a greater compliment than being loved


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