Make your own path

 The ironical sad thing about this world is that, it makes  binary decisions. You can either be a leader or follower.  If you are not taking control of your life, then it makes sure you follow something, sometimes you may make conscious decision on whom to follow but  many times you are just forced to follow something or someone.  Its very hard to figure out if you are in between (not being a leader or follower but something in between).

Inertia in all forms and shapes follows the standard laws and will try to stop doing what you are doing but if you persist, your change is accepted eventually and becomes a standard thing. 

when you want to make your own path, do not expect lot of manpower and resources and everyone waiting for your command, think of you being in a deep forest with no where to go, you have to do everything by yourself. build your own road.  But when you run into caves, don't struggle to  build the road, you MUST build the bridge.

 You are not here to fix the universe, but to build your way out, so stay focussed. 

and always remember,  If you believe you can do that thing, you are right and if you think you can are not capable of doing that thing, then you are right as well.  

 You are what you think you are!


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